Air Shipments From The USA Loading An Aircraft With Cargo

Air transport of refrigerators from the USA to Poland. CASE STUDY

Air shipments from the USA are an interesting case for several reasons. One of them is even the time difference. In the BBA Transport System case studies, we share our most interesting projects, the most demanding orders and solutions developed by us. The case described here required from us … a cool calculation.

Air shipments from the USA to Poland

Air Shipments From The USA Often Consist Of Valuable Electronical Devices
Air Shipments From The USA Often Consist Of Valuable Electronical Devices

A common denominator appears in every long distance transport, which is a significant impediment to implementation. It is about the impact of time zones on the duration of transport. Time zones are of great importance in calculating the estimated transport time and are a challenge that logistics must face.

While the problem is not so bright during transport by sea or land, it can influence success in the case of short-term shipments. As a BBA Transport System, we had the opportunity to experience it for ourselves many times. However, we are particularly proud of the case of transport of refrigerators to Poland. is of great importance and is a logistical challenge, especially with short delivery times. We had the opportunity to prove ourselves when ordering refrigerators by air from the USA to Poland. The deadline was set at no more than four calendar days.

Type of transport: Air transport

Industry: Industrial and laboratory refrigeration

Purpose: Timely delivery of goods from Minneapolis, USA to Poland.


Like any interesting case, this one also had a problem. It was the time zone difference between the sending point and the receiving point. For example, it meant shortening the service delivery time by 6 hours. Such seemingly short time can significantly affect transport in several stages.


We received an order for air transport of refrigerators from Minneapolis, USA in the late afternoon on Friday. The goods were to be shipped to Warsaw next Tuesday. The shipment was ordered around 17:00 Polish time to our partner at ORD Chicago airport (Chicago O’Hare airport) – the time difference between places is 6 hours. The goods were picked up the same day at 13:00 local US time and delivered to Chicago airport a few hours later.

After comparing the airlines’ offer, we decided that our Polish LOT airlines performed the best. The seat was on the plane with the departure date on Saturday at 8 am local time in the USA. The cargo arrived at Warsaw Chopin Airport on the night of Sunday to Monday Polish time.


Customs clearance went smoothly. Thanks to this, we could calmly proceed to the third stage of the shipment. The goods were delivered to the customer on Monday afternoon, i.e. one day before the date guaranteed by us. In the end, instead of interfering with the order, it only helped us.

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