Air transport is currently the most dynamically developing market for transport services in the world.

The popularity of this type of transport is caused by a good global economic situation, constantly developed and modernized airport infrastructure as well as a global increase in the popularity of online shopping.

A particular advantage of air transport is seen in the e-commerce industry in international shipments, B2B and B2C segments. Air transport is ideal for fast long-distance deliveries of small-sized and small weight articles.

BBA Transport System Transport lotniczy, fracht lotniczy.
BBA Air Transport System, air freight.

The increasing trend is also visible in Poland, where airports are growing by more than ten percent growth per year in the volume of transported cargo. The main airports in Poland are primarily the Chopin airport in Warsaw, that serves more than a half of the domestic transport market. Important cargo airports are also Gdańsk, Łódź, Kraków and Katowice, which compete with the airport in the capital both with their location and the price of terminal services.

Air transport is the most expensive but also the fastest transport service.

By air terminals we transfer most often:

  • high value goods
  • perishable goods
  • samples of commercial goods
  • animals
  • groceries
  • light weight and small sizes articles
  • components needed for production
  • Time and deadline shipments (e.g. for promotions)

Air transport has also some limitations related to the size of the cargo space. Air cargo is carried mainly on regular scheduled airplanes, where the weight of cargo can reach up to several tons. We also use special cargo freight planes that take over 100 tons of cargo. Limitations are not only in mass, but the height of the load is also crucial.

For liners, the cargo height is up to 160 cm, for freighters 220 cm height.

Due to the limitations of the place, the mass-to-volume ratio of the cargo in air transport is 1 CBM (cubic meter) = 167 kg.

While sending a package of 1 x 1 x 1 meter and 80 kg weight, the customer pays by conversion rate as per 167 kg. The customer should therefore always ask about the conversion weight because the transport is valued according to it.

The most cost-effective shipments will therefore be shipments from 20 to 30 kg and up to 167 kg of weight and not exceeding 1m3 of volume. For this type of cargo, air transport can be very attractive in price even compared to road, sea or rail transport. Below 20 kg, prices of courier companies may be more attractive, while over 167 kg of cargo, air cargo becomes more expensive service than road, sea or rail transport.

Under certain conditions it is possible to transport refrigerated goods as well as dangerous DGR.

Due to obvious security reasons, air transport is quite restrictive for some types of goods, in particular:

  • caustic substances,
  • flammable,
  • devices equipped with accumulators or liquids (e.g. motor oil, gasoline).

In this case, before the order of transportation, it is always good to send the so-called MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheet specifying the properties of the goods. It is only after the airline’s permission and verification of the MSDS document that dangerous goods can be loaded.

Due to the same reasons of safety, we have more reloads during air transport, e.g. to scan goods by XRay.


Our knowledge, rich experience and reliable partners allow us to meet high expectations, that are related to the timely deliveries and speed of the air service.

– BBA Transport System thanks to its friendly agents in the majority of the largest airports in the world provides our clients with the best and optimally tailored to their needs service.

– We have the possibility of combining goods from several suppliers in an airport warehouse and sending it in the form of one large shipment. We organize both PREMIUM services with a delivery time of less than 2-3 days as well as economic air transports with transit for up to 10 calendar days.

– We attend upon routes to and from most of airports in the USA and Canada, Central and South America, Africa, China, the Middle East, India and Australia.

We invite you to send inquiries for all directions.

– We provide logistics consultancy in the field of air transport, we are happy to share our experience with our clients.

– We guarantee a problem-free customs service and door-to-door delivery (DOOR TO DOOR) to our clients  (while export and import) at airports in Poland and through a network of agents around the world.

– In the case of hazardous materials, we provide appropriate markings on the shipment in accordance with IATA standards.

– We organize reloadings of goods, confectioning and distribution of cargo from airports.


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