Project Cargo Displacing Heavy Load Off Of A Transport

Project Cargo Transports – How To Deal With Oversized Loads?

Project Cargo transport is a unique logistics department that has no strict definition. It can be described as the transport of large, non-standard or heavy elements (so-called heavy lift). It requires special means of transport, proper and careful route preparation, organization of transport according to strictly defined requirements and technical conditions. Transport is planned for both specific cargo parameters and route.

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Import from Korea can be done with either planes or ships. Picture: a large container ship leaving a port and an airplane aproaching for landing.

Imports from Korea – is it worth it?

Despite maintaining trade contacts with many countries around the world, in a few of them we note a significant trade deficit. The leaders of these countries are: Russia, China and South Korea. Many sources point to the different preferences of consumers from these countries as the reason for this state of affairs. For example, imports from Korea to Poland have almost seven times higher rates than exports the other way! How to take advantage of this boom?

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International Air Transport Is Often Conducted With Regular Airliners, As Can Be Seen Here

International air transport – pros and cons

Recently, in one of our entries we discussed the topic of air transport on the example of the transport of refrigerators from the USA to Poland. It was a concrete example in which we focused on a factor complicating transport planning, i.e. the time difference. Under what other circumstances does international air transport work? What are its pros and cons?

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Import of Goods From China Train Using New Silk Road railway

Import of goods from China: rail forwarder’s craft

The work of the forwarder is not only large transformers, freight aircraft carrying technically advanced military vehicles, or materials worthy of an Oscar thriller. These are also ordinary orders, moderately complex transports, in which everything has a chance to go as it should. Import of goods from China plays an important role in the whole forwarder’s craft. This, in turn, never belonging to the simplest, has now become even more complex due to the coronavirus pandemic. In today’s article, we look at the transport recently carried out by our freight forwarders from the rail freight forwarding department. What does their craft look like in which more and more popular rail transport from China is used?

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Rail Transport From China Rail Terminal For Transport From China

Groupage and full container rail transport from China. Asia-EU railways.

Rail transport from China is developing rapidly and is an increasingly popular alternative to maritime transport. It is not surprising – after all, the advantages of rail freight are many: they include even shorter delivery times, greater safety or less harmfulness to the environment. Why is it worth deciding on rail transport from China to Poland?

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Groupage Transport Groupage Cargo Being Loaded From The Side On A Lorry

Groupage transport – groupage freight forwarding

Groupage transport is, as the name suggests, transport focused on the transport of small goods. The load is usually not enough to fill the entire container or dedicated vehicle. For this reason, it is common practice to combine it into one package. Groupage transport can be compared to bus travel. The passenger will reach the stopping place, but on the way the bus will stop several times so that other people can get on or off.

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Road Transport From Hamburg To Poland Map Showing Route And A Truck Going Through a Tunnel

Road transport from Hamburg to Warsaw: the craft of a road forwarder

There are no uninteresting cases in transport. The TSL industry is characterized by the fact that each order, even if it differs from others only slightly, requires a different approach and set of solutions. This leads to the fact that even with an established pattern of actions, you cannot do everything one way. To better show what the freight forwarder’s work is, we invite you to read today’s post in which our expert describes road transport from Hamburg to Warsaw.

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Logistics Consulting Truck Terminals Waiting For Cars To Be Packed

Why is it worth investing in logistics consulting? About consulting and strategy

Nowadays, every business activity focuses on the customer and subordinates to his expectations. At the same time, it must take into account costs and time, and warehouse processes should be designed with particular regard to these needs of the client. This applies to both the planning, design and operation of warehouses that are part of a large enterprise, working in close connection with production and commercial departments, as well as for warehouse space rented to external customers by logistics centers for profit. For example, good logistics consulting is useful to increase the comfort of work.

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QR Codes in China Author's QR Code To Add On WeChat

QR codes in China. What are QR codes and what is their use in China?

China is one of the most powerful economies in the world for a reason. They are a key strategic partner for most European countries, they are leaders in development and digitization, they have a powerful industry and the commercial sector. Handling connections with China, both passenger and freight, is now a key task of many Polish forwarding companies. However, in this article we will focus on something different than usual. We will not talk about transports, forwarding, specialized and oversized transport … Well, at least not too much. Today we will look at the phenomenon that occurs in this amazing, technologically developed country. The subject of today’s article is QR codes in China.

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Transporting jet engine from Spain to Lithuania - the engine is secured and placed on lorry.

Transporting Jet Engine From Portugal to Lithuania

We present another case study of our international transport. This time, we are taking the jet engine transport overland to the workshop in Europe. The forwarding order concerned the transport of cargo of considerable value. After knowing the exact dimensions and weight of the shipment, we were able to choose the right means of transport. It turned out to be a TIR with a standard semi-trailer in the „curtain” type. So the transporting of jet engine begun.

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Air transport from USA was repacked on trucks when landed in Europe

Air Transport Of Valuable Geological Devices From The US To Poland

At the end of 2018, we received a request for the possibility to air transport valuable measuring devices from the United States to Świnoujście. Our Key Account Manager – Mateusz Myszyński has started working with the client on this order. In order to properly evaluate and carry out freight, it was first necessary to know the full specifics of the transported goods.

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