Project Cargo Displacing Heavy Load Off Of A Transport

Project Cargo Transports – How To Deal With Oversized Loads?

Project Cargo transport is a unique logistics department that has no strict definition. It can be described as the transport of large, non-standard or heavy elements (so-called heavy lift). It requires special means of transport, proper and careful route preparation, organization of transport according to strictly defined requirements and technical conditions. Transport is planned for both specific cargo parameters and route.

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Groupage Transport Groupage Cargo Being Loaded From The Side On A Lorry

Groupage transport – groupage freight forwarding

Groupage transport is, as the name suggests, transport focused on the transport of small goods. The load is usually not enough to fill the entire container or dedicated vehicle. For this reason, it is common practice to combine it into one package. Groupage transport can be compared to bus travel. The passenger will reach the stopping place, but on the way the bus will stop several times so that other people can get on or off.

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Road Transport From Hamburg To Poland Map Showing Route And A Truck Going Through a Tunnel

Road transport from Hamburg to Warsaw: the craft of a road forwarder

There are no uninteresting cases in transport. The TSL industry is characterized by the fact that each order, even if it differs from others only slightly, requires a different approach and set of solutions. This leads to the fact that even with an established pattern of actions, you cannot do everything one way. To better show what the freight forwarder’s work is, we invite you to read today’s post in which our expert describes road transport from Hamburg to Warsaw.

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