We also carry out projects to match or even rebuild the logistics system for the purpose of adapting it to the current market requirements of the contractor. We implement projects as variant solutions and then, together with contractors, we select the appropriate option depending on the current or expected market situation in the future. This approach allows our partners to adapt logistics to the implemented or planned market strategy of the company regardless of the industry in which it conducts its business.

Our clients often ask us for advice and solutions to specific logistics problems, such as: designing a new distribution grid tailored to the current market situation of the company.

The basic scope of work is as follows:

  1. Formulating a Logistic Task for the designed logistics system       
  2. Analysis of the logistics system environment. Determining the conditions and assumptions.
  3. The structure of the logistics system and its surroundings – functional areas of the system
  4. Cargo cross table for a logistics system (What? Where? Where?) When?
  5. Modeling of cargo flows and information in the logistics system – types of streams of cargo and information
  6. The solution of the Logistic Task in a variant approach
  7. Shaping the processes of cargo flow and information flow processes. The effect is to determine:
  8. Infrastructure spaces (warehouses, storage yards, etc.)
  9. Types of devices
  10. Categories of human work
  11. they are necessary for the implementation of an agreed logistic task.
  12. Dimensioning of cargo flow processes and information flow processes. The effect is to determine:
  13. Spaces (warehouses, storage yards, etc.)
  14. Employees (number category)
  15. Devices (number, types) is necessary for the implementation of the agreed Logistics Task, whereby it is also necessary to specify what expenditures should be incurred as well as annual operating (or operating) costs.
  16. Multi-criteria evaluation of project variants.
  17. This method allows to include in the assessment the hierarchy of measurable and hard to measure factors. The subject of the assessment are further design variants.