Project Cargo Displacing Heavy Load Off Of A Transport

Project Cargo Transports – How To Deal With Oversized Loads?

Project Cargo transport is a unique logistics department that has no strict definition. It can be described as the transport of large, non-standard or heavy elements (so-called heavy lift). It requires special means of transport, proper and careful route preparation, organization of transport according to strictly defined requirements and technical conditions. Transport is planned for both specific cargo parameters and route.

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Import from Korea can be done with either planes or ships. Picture: a large container ship leaving a port and an airplane aproaching for landing.

Imports from Korea – is it worth it?

Despite maintaining trade contacts with many countries around the world, in a few of them we note a significant trade deficit. The leaders of these countries are: Russia, China and South Korea. Many sources point to the different preferences of consumers from these countries as the reason for this state of affairs. For example, imports from Korea to Poland have almost seven times higher rates than exports the other way! How to take advantage of this boom?

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