Project Cargo Displacing Heavy Load Off Of A Transport

Project Cargo Transports – How To Deal With Oversized Loads?

Project Cargo transport is a unique logistics department that has no strict definition. It can be described as the transport of large, non-standard or heavy elements (so-called heavy lift). It requires special means of transport, proper and careful route preparation, organization of transport according to strictly defined requirements and technical conditions. Transport is planned for both specific cargo parameters and route.

What makes Project Cargo transports different?

Project Cargo is an extremely effective field of transport and the elite among logistics solutions, even if we consider oversized transport in the broad sense. This is not a simple transport, such as transport of a 3 meter wide excavator from point A to B, but a complicated process involving many specialists and requiring knowledge of a number of regulations and restrictions.

It forces planning, risk assessment, preparation of documentation, permits and close coordination during the transport process. It happens that one transport lasts up to several weeks, and the preceding preparations multiply the necessary time and efforts. However, this is not shocking in light of what most often concerns Project Cargo transports.

What is Project Cargo transport about?

Oversized transport most often concerns the transport of large industrial constructions

  • for energy (e.g. generators, turbines, rotors, transformers),
  • chemical industry (e.g. reactors, coldboxes),
  • heavy (modules, filters, presses)

with the participation of various means of transport, e.g. sea, road, rail and related reloading, including precise short-distance shipments. The greatest difficulty in carrying out Project Cargo orders is the number of factors affecting the task. Among them:

  • type of load
  • designated route
  • heavy equipment
  • place and conditions of loading
  • place and conditions of unloading
  • weather and season
  • Human factor
  • cargo and personnel security
  • budget

Among these items, most are fixed and defined conditions – we are talking about cargo, route and equipment. The rest, unfortunately, is not so easy to determine. Weather, despite high predictability, cannot be taken for granted. The budget should be set with reserve, and a person can always make a mistake. Security is based on meticulous calculations and trust in the best technologies. The appropriate methodology can be developed on the basis of what can be called „Project Cargo critical points”.

Project Cargo critical points

The whole procedure is based on several critical points. For the purposes of clearly gathering them together, we quote them with assigned numbers, but they are not order or priority indicators.

  1. Transport drawing – allows you to specify the means by which oversized cargo should be transported and to orient it.
  2. The load parameters – length, width, height, weight – are often already included in the drawing, they are necessary for calculations and choosing the right means of transport.
  3. COG – center of gravity, i.e. a parameter that allows calculations necessary for stable cargo transportation, e.g. on a ship.
  4. Hitching and support points – their determination allows you to develop optimal methods of handling, unloading and securing.
  5. Equipment and technology used for transport – proven, the latest – you can argue about what should prevail in their selection. It is important for sure that they are not outdated and uncertain.
  6. Transport route – should be optimized either in terms of costs or difficulties. When balancing the selection factors, it’s good to be guided by the good of the transported goods.
  7. The carrying capacity of the means of transport, soil, bridges – a very important element, which checking will allow us to avoid such complications as a dead trailer.
  8. Place of loading and unloading – allows you to specify the length, difficulty and cost of the route and develop appropriate procedures.
  9. Deadlines – give the task a time frame, thanks to which the contractor has a reference point and can prioritize individual actions.
  10. Partners – cooperation with trusted partners reduces the risk to a minimum.

An experienced forwarder, in cooperation with trusted logisticians, is able to develop an accurate action plan taking into account the above critical points.

Oversized transport performed by the BBA Transport System

BBA Transport System in cooperation with partners – the best specialists on the market – is prepared for the heaviest orders and carries out Project Cargo transport. One of our recent achievements was the transport of industrial filters from Poland to Norway. The preparations lasted about two months, and the transport took place in severe winter weather. Despite this, we completed it as planned and ensured delivery of the entrusted cargo.

We invite you to watch a short account of the transport route:

The coverage can be seen in Heavy Lift Magazine.

We organize oversize transports, special transports and Project Cargo

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BBA Transport System is a team of specialists that performs comprehensive logistics services for heavy and spatial loads. Oversized transport is the most demanding branch of logistics and transport dedicated to the construction, industrial, metal and manufacturing industries.

The service is offered based on a wide range of equipment including:

  • power hydraulics,
  • heavy equipment,
  • SPMT (Self Propelled Modular Transporter) modular chassis,
  • cooperating engineering team and experienced brigades.

Project Cargo’s entire executive potential is located in Poland.

The scope of typical tasks:

  • oversized and special transport,
  • horizontal shifts and vertical lifting, including transformers, generators, tanks, structures,
  • static calculations and cargo securing in sea transport,
  • transhipments in ports, loading on means of transport,
  • displacement of machines in factory halls, relocation of production lines,
  • transport and unloading using the roro method,
  • preparation of full documentation for projects, including method statement, risk assessment, survey report and other required by clients,
  • earthworks, leveling and hardening of soil for project cargo operations.
Project Cargo Heavy Load Being Loaded on Tiefbett Car
A Heavy Load Being Placed On Tiefbett Trailer Capable Of Transporting Heavy Oversized Goods

BBA Transport System specializes in the transport of irregular and oversized machines, production lines, construction elements, etc. We carry out Project cargo by sea, air and land. We have experience and tools for transporting the most difficult loads.

Project Cargo A Heavy Load Being Pushed And Repositioned With A System Of Levers, Valves and Actuators
A Heavy Load Being Pushed And Repositioned With A System Of Levers, Valves and Actuators

Oversized transport of heavy loads

We transport large, oversized items throughout Poland and around the world. We will propose the best transport solution. We have experience in moving loads that are too heavy for road transport. Whether the load requires platform trucks, special capacity aircraft or even inland barges, we have the solution for you!

Specialistic Car Trailer Adjusted To Maneuvering Very Heavy Loads
Oversized heavy transport – SPMT self propelled modules (self propelled modular system)

Transportation of non-standard size cargo

Due to their large size or weight, some goods must be loaded onto the ship or aircraft individually, and not grouped in transport containers. This, of course, makes loading and unloading equipment more labor-intensive and potentially more expensive. However, we can create an effective and cost-effective method of shipping in bulk. We help you determine when it’s a better choice than dismantling, packing, and re-assembling the load when it reaches its destination.

Project Cargo Transportation Of Oversized Goods Using Specialistic Platform Trailers
Project Cargo, oversized transport – cargo collection at the port of Norway

Import – Export of oversized equipment and machines

If you want to transport your cargo internationally, you can fully rely on the BBA Transport System. We develop logistics, including requirements for customs clearance and procedures for issuing special permits for transport. We make sure that the transported items reach their destination on time.

Project Cargo Transport Heavy Load Being Proceeded In A Harbour Right After Disembarking From Ship
Oversized sea transport, OOG cargo on container ships, ro-ro, heavy-lift – tank from China

Land transport, port works, sea freight and air freight

Thanks to our strong connections with a number of air, sea and land carriers, the BBA Transport System is able to transport cargo using any transport method anywhere on earth.

Project Cargo A Truck Suited For Special Transport From The Port Of Hamburg
Project cargo transport, full truck transport, land transport, special transport from the port of Hamburg

Oversized transport for heavy industry

Project cargo transport most often concerns the transport of large industrial constructions for the power industry (e.g. generators, turbines, rotors, transformers), chemical industry (e.g. reactors, coldboxes), heavy industry (modules, filters, presses) with the use of various means of transport e.g. sea, road , railway and related reloading, including precise short-distance shipments.