Transporting jet engine from Spain to Lithuania - the engine is secured and placed on lorry.

Transporting Jet Engine From Portugal to Lithuania

We present another case study of our international transport. This time, we are taking the jet engine transport overland to the workshop in Europe. The forwarding order concerned the transport of cargo of considerable value. After knowing the exact dimensions and weight of the shipment, we were able to choose the right means of transport. It turned out to be a TIR with a standard semi-trailer in the „curtain” type. So the transporting of jet engine begun.

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Air transport from USA was repacked on trucks when landed in Europe

Air Transport Of Valuable Geological Devices From The US To Poland

At the end of 2018, we received a request for the possibility to air transport valuable measuring devices from the United States to Świnoujście. Our Key Account Manager – Mateusz Myszyński has started working with the client on this order. In order to properly evaluate and carry out freight, it was first necessary to know the full specifics of the transported goods.

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