Transporting jet engine from Spain to Lithuania - the engine is secured and placed on lorry.

Transporting Jet Engine From Portugal to Lithuania

We present another case study of our international transport. This time, we are taking the jet engine transport overland to the workshop in Europe. The forwarding order concerned the transport of cargo of considerable value. After knowing the exact dimensions and weight of the shipment, we were able to choose the right means of transport. It turned out to be a TIR with a standard semi-trailer in the „curtain” type. So the transporting of jet engine begun.

Transporting Jet Engine From Portugal to Lithuania

As a reminder: DMC trucks with a semitrailer are 40 tons.

The place of loading was the southern part of Portugal, and unloading repair plants in central Lithuania. The route ran through Spain, France, Germany and Poland. In total, the carrier had to cover almost 4,000 km.

Map of a route we used for transporting jet engine from Portugal to Lithuania
Transporting jet engine: route from Portugal to Lithuania


Industry: Aviation

Objective: To transport high-value cargo throughout virtually all of Europe to the destination in a given time.

Challenge: The main challenge of transport turned out to be the very high value of the goods. The aircraft engine was worth over USD 5 million, which meant possible problems with choosing favorable insurance. An additional factor hindering transport was the short delivery time – up to 10 days.

Solution: By choosing the right mode of transport and using a trusted carrier that ensures the success of your transport. Special insurance coverage. Opening a contact line between the freight forwarder and the driver 24/7. Providing GPS monitoring of car position and load. Appropriate engine protection on the semi-trailer.

Effect: The order was completed on time. Goods delivered at noon on the 7th day after picking up from the place of origin.

Transporting jet engine from Portugal to Lithuania - jet engine laying on a safety bed with hardpoints. Transporting jet engine from Portugal to Lithuania was possible with a simple lorry.